Thursday, January 03, 2008

A call for information and help

In response to Muthu's query about invited speakers at conferences, Iftah Gamzu at Tel Aviv University set up a very nice page containing all the relevant information. He also has the next generation of the 'Accepted papers at theory conferences' page originally maintained by Anupam Gupta, as well as a page with upcoming dates (conference/submission) for most theory conferences.

Iftah sent me a request: he's missing information on speakers/talks for many conference-year combinations, and was hoping for some help from the community. Here's what's missing:
  • Invited talks at
    • STOC 2000.
    • RANDOM-APPROX 2003 and 2005.
    • SoCG 2001 and 2004.
    • IPCO 2007 summer school.
  • Titles of the talks
    • CCC 2001.
    • Gene Myers, Christos Papadimitriou, and Ehud Shapiro at ESA APPROX 2002.
    • Marino Zerial at ESA 2005.
    • Leslie Lamport, and Butler Lampson at PODC 2003.
    • Elias Koutsoupias at SPAA PODC 2005.
    • Robin Thomas at STACS 2004.
    • Daniel Lewin at SPAA 2000.
    • Andrew Chien at SPAA 2002.
    • Adi Shamir at ICALP 2005.
  • Name of the speaker of
    • "Discrete Tomography: Reconstruction under Periodicity Constraints" at ICALP 2002.
    • "Program Debugging and Validation Using Semantic Approximations and Partial Specifications" at ICALP 2002.
  • Can someone confirm that there were no invited talks at
    • FOCS 2004, CCC 2004, and SPAA 2004?
If anyone reading this has the relevant information, they can either post it in the comments, or email him directly
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